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3 Reasons why you should love Millennial Talent

Written by Phil Roebuck | August 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

genyyyThere has never been a better time to be a Gen Y job candidate, because these days most employers are moving on from their initial qualms with the tweeting, texting demographic born between 1980-2000.

As hiring mangers grow to appreciate the value add of Gen Y, they must also become better at attracting them. But before you can attract, one must truly understand.

Here are a few reasons why all employers should love Millennial Talent.

1) They are as ambitious as always, but less idealistic. 

Hiring managers and recruiters have had their gripes about Generation Y for years, citing a sense of arrogant entitlement among the bright-eyed job candidates coming to market.  But the reality is that “The Trophy Generation,” as Millennials are sometimes called, ended when Gen Y obtained their inordinately expensive college degrees and entered one of the worst job markets in history.

Consider a typical, semi-experienced, 25 year-old job candidate named Willie. When Willie graduated from college in 2010, youth unemployment was at 19.1%, the highest rate ever, and the average student loan debt was $23,186. Willie’s idealism has been replaced by pragmatism, and the reality is that for many Millennials, any job is a good job.

What does this mean for employers? Simply that a highly-skilled, well-educated Gen Y candidate might take a job that a more experienced candidate would pass over, and for a lower salary that’s more aligned with the current market.

But this is not to say that Gen Y can be exploited. It just means that, as a generation, they have become more realistic. While a higher salary might be traded for job security, an employer still needs to market the other aspects of a role which are important to Gen Y candidates, like skills training, office culture, and work-life balance.

2) They can spot a fake.

Gen Y is excellent at discerning what’s hooey and what’s not. Raised with an iPod, the internet, social media, and 500 tv channels, they are a generation with the ability to parse the signal from the noise, if for no other reason than exposure to so much of the latter.

Therefore, employers must be as authentic as possible when imparting what it’s REALLY like to work at their company.

According to Jason Dorsey, best-selling author and Millennial expert, employers can start with these easy steps.

  • show real pictures of the workplace. everybody uses stock photography, and it’s a turnoff.
  • get actual employees to talk about what it’s like to work there.
  • most job descriptions discuss “responsibilities,” but gen y is very challenge-driven, so don’t be afraid to mention some of the “challenges” the candidate will face in the first year.

If these steps seem persnickety, I should mention that implementing the above actions would be attractive to any candidate, not just to Millennials, because they fall under the umbrella of candidate transparency – something which we at Webrecruit espouse incessantly.

3) They are social, and they are mobile.

Gen Y candidates are not your father’s “flip-through-the-wanted-section-with-a-thick-red-pen” kind of job seeker. They are predominantly online and on a mobile device, and so that’s where employers need to reach them. If your company’s website isn’t optimized for mobile, then you’re making it harder than you probably think to attract Millennials.

According to CareerBuilder, Millennial candidates are 27% more likely than other candidates to use an employer’s website to measure the quality of the company.

Employer’s, then, need to ensure their social recruiting ducks are in a row so they don’t miss out on Gen Y talent.

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