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5 ways hr professionals can reduce their time-to-hire

Written by Phil Roebuck | August 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

time-BSA recent article in HR Magazine posited that “if a vacancy hasn’t been filled within 72 days, there’s something wrong with it.”

The research suggests that after 72 working days, candidates will assume it’s a job nobody wants. So employers must focus on reducing time-to-hire.

In the fierce war for talent, it’s not recommended to hold out too long for some idealized candidate; eventually that tactic will backfire and become counter-productive. In other words, if you interview a good candidate, don’t wait too long before you offer them a job.

So how can you reduce your time-to-hire?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Reducing time-to-hire is all about making sure you’re ready when hiring needs arise. The importance of running a smooth and efficient recruitment process relies on understanding employment trends within your company and having the resources on hand to ensure you identify top talent – quickly.

Here are five tips to speed up the recruitment process:

  1.  Make a gameplan. What’s your timeframe? Who needs to be involved (department heads, CEO, etc), and when will they be available to assist your efforts?
  2. Create a job description for every person within your organization. Therefore, when a vacancy arises you’ll be prepared to advertize the position within 24 hours.
  3. Leverage your existing talent pool, and make sure that includes social media like LinkedIn and Facebook groups.
  4. Consider using tools such as automated online video to conduct virtual interviews. You’ll save time and resources by not waiting to conduct face-to-face interviews.
  5. Use a fixed-fee recruiter to manage the hard work of sourcing and screening for you. Then all you’ll have to do is review the best resumes as they come in as opposed to swimming in a sea of underwhelming candidates. This not only improves your entire, but also saves you a headache and keeps your boss happy.

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