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Tips on Choosing the Right Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Whether you’re a candidate or a hiring manager, an applicant tracking system (ATS) will have a profound effect on your hiring process because both parties will use it. An ATS will greatly boost the number of on-target resumes received by an employer and quicken the process, and here at Webrecruit we even have an ATS of our own. However, ...more

Recruiting Lessons from THE BATKID

Much of the world watched, Tweeted and Retweeted as a 5 year-old boy’s dream of becoming a superhero came true. The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted young Miles Scott, whose leukemia is currently in remission, his wish with the help of over 11,000 local volunteers. For 8 hours, San Francisco became Gotham City and Miles became“Batkid.” To imagine that ...more

The ever expanding, ever ridiculous job title bonanza!

Alright, recruiters and hiring managers of the interwebs. It’s time to hold you to task. A lunch lady is not an “Education Center Nourishment Consultant.” A paper boy is not a “Media Distribution Officer.” What’s crazy is this used to be the candidate’s fault. Who out there hasn’t seen a resume that’s been so doctored up you’d think a ...more

5 ways to hug your candidate and not be creepy

As an employer you’re constantly trying to target, attract, develop, and hire the best candidates possible. Of course, in the age of social recruiting, it’s not as straight-forward as it used to be. Talent pools are infinitely deep. In fact, there’s so much “talent” out there in cyberspace that it can be an overwhelming task ...more

The Best Employers Sell the “Why” to Candidates

A purpose driven jobforce In 2009 leadership expert and author Simon Sinek delivered an influential TED talk in which he proclaimed that for any business to succeed, its brand identity must be defined by the “WHY” instead of the “WHAT.” His message was simple, unexpected, and revolutionary: “People don’t buywhat you do, they buy why you do it.” Sinek then went on ...more

3 Reasons why you should love Millennial Talent

There has never been a better time to be a Gen Y job candidate, because these days most employers are moving on from their initial qualms with the tweeting, texting demographic born between 1980-2000. As hiring mangers grow to appreciate the value add of Gen Y, they must also become better at attracting them. But before you can attract, ...more

U.S. Businesses Wasted $9.36 Billion on Failed Recruitment in 2012

The numbers are in from CareerBuilder‘s annual summit in Chicago, and last year the recruitment industry ballooned to achieve its highest gross sales ever ($117 billion), which is big news indeed. Conversely, client satisfaction in the staffing sector declined by 8%, which marks the 4th consecutive year of disgruntled hiring managers checking the “meh” box on ...more

The Gamification of Recruitment

Unless you’ve been living on an Amish farm, then you’ve probably noticed that gamification (“gay-muh-fi-kay-shun”), or the application of game-mechanics to non-gaming fields, has crept into most every facet of our daily lives. From checking into Foursquare to usurp Mayorship of your local Starbucks, to winning an auction and submitting buyer feedback on eBay, gaming is everywhere, particularly in B2B and ...more

Why Hiring Sucks (And Why It Doesn’t Have To)

Really now, Folks… In this modern era of recruiting, I’m often surprised by how many employers gripe and moan about aspects of hiring that are, frankly, archaic. I’m especially perplexed when we as an industry have completely evolved solutions which either address or make certain gripes obsolete altogether. And yes, it all comes back to ...more

8 Ways To Build Your Employer Brand Using LinkedIn

With over 186 million registered users across 170 industries and 200 countries, LinkedIn has quickly cemented itself as a must-have resource for businesses looking to hire. Connecting professionals based on their experience, skills, interests and knowledge, LinkedIn is one of the most resourceful tools on the web when it comes to building your company brand and professional network. ...more

5 Steps To More Transparent Recruiting

It’s an easy argument from the candidate’s position – since candidates are human, not cattle, after all –  but it’s important to remind employers how vital transparency is to a company’s brand. On the other hand, I realize that ingesting 400 words midweek is not everybody’s cup of maté, so I thought I’d distill some of the finer points ...more

How Transparent Recruiting Affects Your Company Brand

“We used to treat people with respect and follow up, even if the answer was ‘no’. Then we began hiding behind emails, behind websites.” – Jeremy Langhans, Global Recruitment Expert “In true [company] fashion, you all have clearly continued to be so extremely self-absorbed and obsessed with your own reflections in the mirror to give a toss ...more

Is Pinterest Really a Valid Recruitment Tool? Well, Yes, of Course.

In this modern era, a formulaic parchment resume has gone the way of the Dodo bird when it comes to understanding a candidate’s personality and talents. Today, it’s all about their Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, and increasingly, Pinterest. In June Pinterest recorded a staggering 10.4 million user base and 400% growth, making it the fastest growing ...more

Facebook’s Altruistic Job Board Misses the Mark

William F. Buckley once said, in response to where he came up with his column ideas, “The world irritates me three times a week.” Here at Webrecruit North America, we like to adapt that notion, however we like to think that the world of recruitment amuses us more often than it irritates. So Facebook rolled out a job board recently. ...more

On the Waning Relevance of Third-Party Recruiters

SOMETIMES THE JUICE AIN’T WORTH THE SQUEEZE  The Wall Street Journal ran a controversial story on how more and more companies were establishing their own internal recruiting teams in place of hiring third-party recruiters. The article cited Time Warner Inc. as a luminary of the movement; the firm has reportedly saved over $100 million in headhunting fees since it established ...more

Webrecruit vs. Medieval Recruiting

It’s time to free yourself (and your company’s wallet) from Foolish Recruiting.  ~ So you’re still paying a traditional recruiter huge fees. WHY? It’s the 21st century. New technology, the internet, social media. So many people out there. Do you ever wonder, “There’s got to be a better way!” To which we say, Calm down. We ...more

Social Recruiting Makes Job Search More Humane

<<<DISCLAIMER: If you thought the term “social recruiting” was only going to appear once or twice in the webrecruit blog, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This revolution WILL be televised… and blogged about, as it were. >>> Jeremy Langhans, a global recruitment expert who has consulted for companies including Microsoft, Yahoo and Starbucks, recently stated that businesses risk ...more

5 ways hr professionals can reduce their time-to-hire

A recent article in HR Magazine posited that “if a vacancy hasn’t been filled within 72 days, there’s something wrong with it.” The research suggests that after 72 working days, candidates will assume it’s a job nobody wants. So employers must focus on reducing time-to-hire. In the fierce war for talent, it’s not recommended to hold out too long for ...more

Social Recruiting for Dummies

#PayAttentionThisIsImportant: Social recruitment, or the leveraging of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter to maximize reach and source the right candidate, should by now look like an approaching hurricane on your doppler radar. It’s Hip To Be Poked: Recently the phrase social recruiting has been dominating the hearts and mindshare of the recruiting industry, pushing its ...more

More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House

In the article, “More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House, ” last week’s Wall Street Journal reported that an increasing number of companies are shifting reliance from outside recruitment and staffing solutions to internal recruiting teams. The rise of internal recruiting is a trend we’ve observed over the last couple of years, and strongly correlates with the ...more