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Seek and Engage

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Many recruitment services rely on active job seekers coming to them. They’re vital, of course, but what about passive talent? Finding and locating the right person takes time. And once you’ve found them – keeping their attention is a precise art.

Talent Recruit gives you a dedicated recruiter to manage the entire process on your behalf. We’ll work with you to identify the qualities of your ideal hire. Then, we’ll find, approach and engage them on your behalf. To help you find the right person, our status as an Official LinkedIn® Talent Solutions Partner gives us a wide reach into the passive candidate pool.

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Selecting the Strongest Candidates

Anyone who has engaged in staff recruitment knows despite a surplus of applicants only a few will be up to your exacting standards. To find those hidden gems in the job market, we take on the task of sifting through applications and résumés.

A résumé can only tell you so much. With Talent Recruit, we offer a professional telephone screening process to refine the final selection even further before presenting you with the résumés. This means those meeting with you will be the best possible candidates.

Telephone Screening & Interview Arrangement

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We will arrange all interviews with successful candidates on your behalf. We will save you time, resources and money, and ensure a smoother recruitment process.

As recruiting partners, we provide you impartial assessment of candidates against your particular needs. Data and findings are reported back to you in order to make the best possible hiring decisions.

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Offer Management

When we find the candidate best suited to your role, we handle every step of the offer process. By acting as your intermediary, all negotiations can be handled impartially. The result is a smooth and successful conclusion.

But we don’t stop there. We stay in contact with the successful candidate until they begin their employment should any issues arise.

The full Talent Recruit package

3DBrochureLayoutTalent Recruit takes everything in our Talent Finder service and makes it more powerful. We give you an agency-style service, but at a fraction of the cost. We save clients time and money while delivering incredible results and the highest levels of service.

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