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If you have a query with the Webrecruit service, please have a look below at our frequently asked questions.

Q. How do I apply for a role?

A. When applying for a role, you’ll find that the vast majority of job boards have a ‘To Apply’ button.
This will take you directly to the correct application page on our website. From here, please upload your résumé, complete the online application form and submit your application. You will then receive a confirmation message letting you know we’ve received it.

Q. Why can’t I upload my résumé?

A. There may be a rare occasion when you are unable to upload your résumé due to a technical glitch. If this happens, feel free to contact our Candidate Services team on – letting them know which vacancy you are applying for.

Q. When should I expect a response?

A. Our team aims to assess each application within 5 working days. After you have applied, we will send you a notification email telling you of the next steps. If your application matches the basic criteria the vacancy copy is asking for, you will then receive an additional notification email informing you that your details have been passed on to our client. If you are unsuccessful we will send you an email letting you know, and, should you have any queries, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your application.

Q. Can I get feedback regarding my application?

A. Should your application be considered unsuitable by our assessment team, you can contact the Candidate Services Team who will be happy to give you feedback and explain why your application has not been progressed further.

If your application has been passed on to our client, we allow a 2 – 3 week period following the vacancy’s closing date for them to perform their own recruitment processes. After which, our Candidates Services Team will contact them for you regarding feedback on applications, as requested.

Q. How can I check if a vacancy is still available?

A. If a vacancy is still listed on our website then it will still be available. As soon as a job is either filled or passes the expiry date it is automatically removed from our own job board. It may still appear on some external job boards, such as CareerBuilder, however if it isn’t on ours then it is no longer available.

Q. What other ways can you help me to find a job?

A. You can register your résumé for speculative vacancies on our website. From here, we will send you an email notification of any roles that match your particular skill set and background with a job specification and a link to the application page. Additionally, you can also follow us on social media via our LinkedIn page. We regularly post our latest vacancies on here, as well as useful blogs and articles to help you on your path to career success.

Q. Why can I not see a salary on the role?

A. Sometimes, clients choose not to disclose salary information. This can be for a number of reasons. If you see a salary stated as $Competitive, $Excellent or $Negotiable, the client may have decided to withhold this information until interview stage, in which you are able to negotiate or discuss when they contact you.

We hope that this has answered your questions. If you have not found the information you need, please contact our Candidate Services Team on 866.338.4344 who will be happy to assist with your queries.