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More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House

Written by Phil Roebuck | August 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

Management-and-ExecutiveIn the article, “More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House, ” last week’s Wall Street Journal reported that an increasing number of companies are shifting reliance from outside recruitment and staffing solutions to internal recruiting teams.

The rise of internal recruiting is a trend we’ve observed over the last couple of years, and strongly correlates with the increasing use of social media as an effective recruiting tool.   As Linkedin SuperUsers, we are actively promoting its potential ROI for increasing internal recruiting success.

Using advanced Linkedin techniques to fill the majority of corporate positions, such as engineering jobs and sales jobs, internal recruiters should be filling at least 3 out of 4 positions, and drastically scaling back on outside headhunters for those roles.  In the U.K., we have saved literally millions in recruiting fees for our clients, and we believe that the vast majority of professional positions can be filled using the Linkedin platform.

Food for thought:  For how many positions filled last year in your organization did the successful candidate have a Linkedin profile?  And for how many of those candidates was your organization charged outside recruiting fees?

The article also pointed out some excellent statistics, which confirm what we’ve observed and also underscores our philosophy of connecting employers and candidates early in the hiring process:  employers are best suited to identify the candidates who are most likely to be successful, and to manage the interview and hiring process.   And those candidates are more likely to stay put.

While it’s true that some circumstances and roles will always be appropriate for engaging an outside recruiting firm, those situations are becoming fewer.

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