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Social Recruiting for Dummies

Written by Phil Roebuck | August 14, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Social recruitment, or the leveraging of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter to maximize reach and source the right candidate, should by now look like an approaching hurricane on your doppler radar.

It’s Hip To Be Poked:

Recently the phrase social recruiting has been dominating the hearts and mindshare of the recruiting industry, pushing its presence in cyberspace to near-zeitgeist levels. Go ahead and credit the numerous polls and surveys conducted in the past few weeks by various industry sites like Jobvite and CareerBuilder. They all basically say the same thing: social recruitment is the future of talent acquisition. 

The benefits of leveraging social media in your recruitment efforts ranges from the obvious to the not-so-much. While it’s undeniable that LinkedIn is a powerful tool to reach passive candidates, most employers still don’t understand how pushing their brand on Facebook and engaging the masses on Twitter and even YouTube will “increase the number of candidates as well as the quality of job seekers,” according to the Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey.

“The hiring process is no longer just about the face-to-face or phone interview. In some industries and regions, leveraging mobile, social media and online tools is a regular part of the recruiting process,” says Dr. Karie Willyerd, chief learning officer of SuccessFactors. “Companies that don’t embrace these tools risk being left behind and losing strong candidates, especially when trying to grab the attention of the Millennial generation.”

And while it may seem like a time-drain for employers and recruiters to spend part of their day cruising profiles and retweeting relevant blog articles (instead of picking up the phone and sourcing the old fashioned way), the reality is that candidates sourced through social recruitment take less overall time to hire. And time is without a doubt the most important thing an HR Director can save. The following chart is from the aforementioned Jobvite survey:



It should be mentioned that while we’re indeed witnessing a massive paradigm shift in the recruitment industry, social recruitment is NOT a total solution. Simply joining LinkedIn is like giving someone a carpenter’s toolbox and asking them to build a cupboard. You still need the knowledge and expertise to navigate the platform, and at the end of the day an element of high-touch will always factor into the process. As we know, companies hire people, not resumes. You’ll always need a good recruiter or HR Director to put it all together.

So then, what’s the take-away?

– DON’T be the a Luddite with your head in the sand about the importance of social recruitment. That looming hurricane has all but arrived.

– DO incorporate all available social media into your recruiting processes if you haven’t already (future blog posts will outline some helpful tips on how to accomplish this).

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