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5 Steps To More Transparent Recruiting

It’s an easy argument from the candidate’s position – since candidates are human, not cattle, after all –  but it’s important to remind employers how vital transparency is to a company’s brand. On the other hand, I realize that ingesting 400 words midweek is not everybody’s cup of maté, so I thought I’d distill some of the finer points ...more

How Transparent Recruiting Affects Your Company Brand

“We used to treat people with respect and follow up, even if the answer was ‘no’. Then we began hiding behind emails, behind websites.” – Jeremy Langhans, Global Recruitment Expert “In true [company] fashion, you all have clearly continued to be so extremely self-absorbed and obsessed with your own reflections in the mirror to give a toss ...more

More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House

In the article, “More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House, ” last week’s Wall Street Journal reported that an increasing number of companies are shifting reliance from outside recruitment and staffing solutions to internal recruiting teams. The rise of internal recruiting is a trend we’ve observed over the last couple of years, and strongly correlates with the ...more