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The ever expanding, ever ridiculous job title bonanza!

Alright, recruiters and hiring managers of the interwebs. It’s time to hold you to task. A lunch lady is not an “Education Center Nourishment Consultant.” A paper boy is not a “Media Distribution Officer.” What’s crazy is this used to be the candidate’s fault. Who out there hasn’t seen a resume that’s been so doctored up you’d think a ...more

How Transparent Recruiting Affects Your Company Brand

“We used to treat people with respect and follow up, even if the answer was ‘no’. Then we began hiding behind emails, behind websites.” – Jeremy Langhans, Global Recruitment Expert “In true [company] fashion, you all have clearly continued to be so extremely self-absorbed and obsessed with your own reflections in the mirror to give a toss ...more

Webrecruit vs. Medieval Recruiting

It’s time to free yourself (and your company’s wallet) from Foolish Recruiting.  ~ So you’re still paying a traditional recruiter huge fees. WHY? It’s the 21st century. New technology, the internet, social media. So many people out there. Do you ever wonder, “There’s got to be a better way!” To which we say, Calm down. We ...more