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Webrecruit vs. Medieval Recruiting

Written by Phil Roebuck | August 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

Webrecruit-logo---BSIt’s time to free yourself (and your company’s wallet) from Foolish Recruiting. 

So you’re still paying a traditional recruiter huge fees. WHY?

It’s the 21st century. New technology, the internet, social media. So many people out there. Do you ever wonder, “There’s got to be a better way!”

To which we say, Calm down. We get it. Your HR budget is stretched out. You don’t have time to “go social” and source candidates on LinkedIn and Facebook.

On one hand, you have the medieval recruiter. High fees, and no guarantees.

Welcome to Webrecruit. The Candidate Sourcing Engine.

We handle the busy work of sourcing and screening using the proven blend of people, technology, and social media so you can do what you do best: interviewing, hiring, and on boarding.

We didn’t re-write the book on traditional recruiting, we tore it up. 

Webrecruit is fundamentally a different process (read: enlightened, hip, new-school, streamlined).

We blend people, technology and social media to deliver effective recruiting solutions for one low, fixed-fee ($2,000 per <$75k position, and $4,000 per $75k+ position). Compare that to the cost-per-hire you have seen using those medieval recruiters.

We also substantially reduce the time-to-hire from that of traditional recruiters in two essential ways:

1. We leverage technology (leading job boards) and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) like no other recruiter.

– We’re a LinkedIn SuperUser, so if you don’t have a LinkedIn Recruiter License we can access over 2 million candidates in our LinkedIn network. Even if you do have a LinkedIn Recruiter License, you’ll have unique reach through our unparalleled access to group memberships in your industry field (candidates are 55% more likely to apply for a job they hear about through groups).

2. Our process ends after we’ve professionally screened the best applicants and delivered them to you, the employer, in the form of a Candidate Shortlist.

– We believe YOU are the best authority to decide which candidates you want to hire, and so we put you in the driver’s seat for that part of the process. Using our Shortlist Manager is a breeze. We rank the candidates based on our team’s high-touch screening process, and you get to customize your shortlist based on how many applicants you want to see.

Even if we couldn’t deliver the goods (… we do), you’d still win!

Even if we were not in the recruitment solutions business (… we are), our powerful reach creates so much awareness for your brand as a residual benefit of leveraging social media and job boards that you essentially get targeted advertising for free.

Besides we guarantee we’ll fill your vacancy, so there’s really nothing to lose.

 Did we mention that it works?

Go ahead and download our Case Study and learn about a client who saved a staggering 85% on recruitment fees and filled their position in two weeks.

Or better yet, give us a call at 866.338.4344 .

Or shoot us an email at

We’d love to talk to you about a smarter way to recruit.

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